What is a place brand?

    Contrary to popular belief, an effective place brand is not just a logo—it’s a person’s emotional connection to the community. It not only reflects what a place currently is, but what it aspires to be in the future.

    Why do we need an updated brand identity? What benefits does it offer?

    While Severn’s current brand has served its purpose and offers a glimpse into our history and heritage, our community has grown and will continue to grow in the future—thus requiring an updated brand to reflect that progression. This updated brand will:

    • Differentiate our community from nearby towns and cities
    • Hint Severn’s distinct community assets and the experiences to be enjoyed here
    • Spark curiosity in tourists and increase the number and length of visits
    • Attract repeat business and drive investment to the area
    • Facilitate renewed civic pride (we hope!) and attract new families to the area

    How is this project being funded?

    This project is being funded by the County of Simcoe’s Economic Development Funding Program which provides one-time support to member municipalities for economic development initiatives.

    Why don’t we just have a logo design contest for locals? Wouldn’t it be cheaper?

    Severn has plenty of creative minds within the community, which is why we want to ensure everyone has an opportunity to provide their input on the development of an updated brand identity. And while it may seem more economical to run a contest for the brand’s design, this approach generally isn’t founded on research and strategy and often reflects personal tastes instead of collective interests.

    Think of it like this: in the same way that we wouldn’t build a new facility without an architect and/or a contractor on hand, we shouldn’t build a brand without experienced professionals at the helm.

    What is the process for the development of this updated brand?

    This collaborative process started with a series of one-on-one interviews with Council members, members of key organizations, and community leaders. These insights, as well as those collected from a randomized telephone survey and the activities here on engagesevern.ca, will influence the design of preliminary brand concepts by our creative agency. Severn's project team will review the preliminary concepts and provide feedback, before presentation to Council for selection and final implementation.

    Who is developing the updated brand?

    We hired Cinnamon Toast—a full-service marketing agency located in Hamilton and Ottawa—through a formal procurement process to develop Severn’s updated brand identity. Having developed several municipal brand identities in recent history—two of which received national awards recognition—we chose Cinnamon Toast from nine project applicants for its expertise, prior experience, and dedication towards creating successful outcomes for the Township.

    What is Council's role in the development of this updated brand?

    Over and above providing input on the updated brand identity via one-on-one interviews, Council will ultimately review and select the brand identity concept that they feel best represents the interests and vision for the future of Severn.

    How can I contribute to the success of this project?

    You can contribute to the success of this project in a number of simple ways! From offering your valuable input on this platform to encouraging others to do the same; sharing the stories and experiences to be enjoyed here to wearing the final updated brand identity with pride, each individual within Severn has a unique opportunity to become a brand ambassador and to set a positive tone for anyone who seeks to live, work, or play here.

    What if I have a question that hasn't been addressed by a FAQ?

    If you have a question that hasn't been addressed by one of the Township's FAQ, please submit one here